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Fun Flying Adventures!

Wing foiling is the newest craze, let us teach you how. This is taught in 3 parts; eFoil to understand the hydrofoil techniques and build muscle memory, wing handling skills on the beach or in the water, and combining the foil board and wing to start riding on the water.


Learning to hydrofoil on the eFoil board takes away all the stress of attempting to learn foiling and wing handling skills at the same time. This allows one to focus on developing the balance and muscle memory of learning to ride the hydrofoil. Following this we work on the wing handling skills which can be done on the beach or in the water. Once proficient we combine the two into our wing foiling on the water curriculum. Flying Mermaid Adventures offers safety boat support eliminating the initial concerns of ending up downwind with all the gear.


After extensive product testing and evaluation, we have determined the best gear to get you up and riding quickly. This gear includes carbon fiber boards and hydrofoils from Armstrong and Lift along with super efficient wings from f-one and Slingshot. Our vast wing foiling experience bring years of product knowledge to you on your very first lesson.

Wing foiling basics

Learn the basics quickly and efficiently with our experienced instructors.


Advanced Wing Foil Techniques

Improve your wing handling skills in multiple different conditions.

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Let's FLY 

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